KISS – Keep It Simple -and- Silly?

September 17, 2014 | by Katie Schneider

The new and improved KISS principle is more important than ever in today’s world of marketing and advertising where we are exposed to thousands of messages on a daily basis.  The KISS acronym stands for “Keep it simple, stupid” is based off the principle that most systems and ideas work best if they are kept simple rather than be made complicated. Read More >

Beyond Blogging: 9 Ways to Add Content to Your Website

September 15, 2014 | by Carly Crow

At WordCamp Grand Rapids 2014 (#wcgr) — a WordPress conference for web enthusiasts — there was a lot of talk about website content.
“This is not field of dreams – If you build it, people will not come unless you tell them about it,” said speaker Andrea Napierkowski.  You need dynamic content on your website, and you need to advertise and leverage your content through social media. Read More >

RCP Designer Donates Hair to Children with Hair Loss

September 4, 2014 | by Katie Schneider

On September 2, Jessica, RCP Designer, generously donated her hair to Children with Hair Loss, and made a big change to her already beautiful appearance.
Children with Hair Loss is headquartered in South Rockwood, Michigan and opened in September 2000. CWHL’s mission is to create wigs from human hair for children at no cost for children affected by all types of loss, whether the loss is from cancer, alopecia, burns, or other disorders. Read More >

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