Scheduling Twitter Tweets to Reach Your Best Audience

November 5, 2014 | by Katie Schneider
scheduling tweets
Scheduling Twitter Tweets can be very useful: you can avoid overwhelming your audience with content, you can send time-sensitive tweets, and best of all, you can optimize for your traffic. For about a year now, business users or those who are advertising on Twitter have been able to schedule tweets right on Twitter. But even if you’re not a Twitter Read More >

Design is in the Details

October 30, 2014 | by Jessica McClure
A question we ask ourselves everyday when walking in new places: Do I push or pull to go through the door? The handle represents to pull, however the sign says to push. Design is in the details: from door handles, to postcards, to websites. While attending WordCamp GR in August, I learned that I was overlooking design in everyday experiences. Read More >

Keep your website fresh, or like the family dog, it will stink.

October 22, 2014 | by Julie Franczek
Like the family dog, don't ignore your website.
Like the family dog, don’t ignore your website. Just like the family dog, a website requires discipline and training. You invest the time in getting both to perform and “behave” the way you want. Then what? Let it sit in the back yard for a couple weeks, a month, a year? Well, just like a dog, if it’s not properly Read More >

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