Respect the GIF

July 30, 2014 | by Julie Franzcek
GIF Definition

Most of you have heard the term GIF. The letters “GIF” actually stand for “Graphic Interchange Format,” but you don’t need remember that. What you should know is a GIF is a compressed image format which can loop with motion. A GIF file is very useful for Web and Graphic designers due to it’s small file size. Although you lose resolution in your image with the these video files, the files are now pushing their way into other uses. Read More >

Ads on Facebook for Facebook

July 10, 2014 | by Jodi Sobish
Facebook Ads on Facebook

It has been apparent for quite some time now that the largest social media platform, Facebook, is a significant venue for advertisements.
A few years back, the ads slowly started to appear. Now, you can go to a sunglasses website, purchase a pair of sunglasses, then sign into your Facebook and see additional sunglasses that may be of interest to you throughout your news feed and displayed on the side of your Facebook home page. Read More >

Pinterest is Bringing the NEW Guided Search to Desktop Users

July 7, 2014 | by Melissa Blackmer
Guided Search Pinterest

Pinterest web users will now have access this week to the new Guided Search bar that was unveiled in April for mobile users. The new interface will have the new search box front and center in a more prominent position on your screen, moving from the top left position. Now when you search for something, descriptive guides will help you search through all the different pins from other users along with the visual guides. Read More >

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